Israel Free Camping

Free camping is legal and popular in Israel, throughout hundreds of free campsites across the country.

Follow this guide to choose your campsite.

 Nature reserves

 Much of the natural beauty in Israel is obviously located in nature reserves. The reserves are under the control of Israel Nature and Parks Authority.


Camping in reserves is allowed only in official campsites. Most of them are free of charge and have no water or any camping facilities.

Hiking at night or camping out of these campsites is strictly forbidden and could incur a fine.

lighting a campfire is allowed but only with wood you bring out of the reserve.

On this map you can see most of the free campsites in israel nature reserves.



  • Countryside such as villages or kibbutzim can be great for freecamping. However, you should ask permission from the landowners. Usually, they respect travellers and will allow you to camp near their fields.

  • Cities and towns have different regulations for camping. Obviously, you can't camp in residential areas or playgrounds.

  • Yet, one can find many half-wild parks where you can freecamp. For example,

  • the Yarkon River near Tel Aviv or Park Emek Hamatzleva in Jerusalem. In this case, don't pitch a tent because it might attract negative attention. You can light a small campfire with extra caution.


Freecamping near Settled areas


Israel has many beautiful forests from the Upper Galilee at the north to the Yatir Forest in the south.

Forests are a great place to camp in Israel. You are allowed to camp anywhere in the forest where you feel safe. There are hundreds of campsites where you can find parking, tables and playground equipment.


Most of them are under the authority of KKL  (Hebrew: קק"ל)

Click here for KKL list of official campsites



A few campsites (from this list) have running water and biological toilets.


Campfire in forests:

  • You are allowed to collect dry wood for fire from the ground.

  • A fire in a forest might be really dangerous and requires extra precautions.

  • Light campfire only in a secure spot surrounded by rocks. Make sure you have enough water in case your fire gets too big. Avoid lighting a fire when it is windy or at hot weather.

Never leave a fire unattended. 


Choose your destination according to the weather!

  • Travellng to Israel in the winter?     Check out these freecamping sites near the Dead Sea.

  • Travellng to Israel in the spring?      Check out these freecamping sites in  Jerusalem area.

  • Travellng to Israel in the summer?  Check out these  freecamping sites in  North of Israel.

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