Israeli Weekend

  • Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest.

It begins Friday at sunset and ends on Saturday night.

All goverment offices and public services are closed on Friday and Saturday.

  • Stores are open on Friday and usually close early. On Shabbat/ Saturday, most stores are closed.

  • Buses and trains run on Friday until dark-check schedule ahead!

  • On Saturday, after dark most of the lines have a few rides, check scudual ahead.

  • Food- Plan ahead and buy enough food befor Shabbat, or find a hotel/ restaurant that serves on Shabbat.

  • Friday night is the traditional family dinner. If you have an Israeli friend,

  • it can be a great experience to join the gathering with good company,  food, and maybe alcohol to

Israeli New Shekel (NIS)

  • Hebrew:  ש"ח /שקל

  • ATMs can be found in all cities, and honor most credit cards.

  • Change points can be found in big cities.

  • Bring Dollars or Euro, other currencies are difficult to change 

  • Post Offices are safe and fair places to exchange or transfer money.


The voltage in Israel is 220V.

The electric outlets used are type H and Type C. Type H is a uniquely Israeli three-pronged standard, but most modern type H outlets can also accept type C European two-pronged plugs.

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