Hiking Trails

Hiking is very popular all over Israel. Forests, nature reserves, and also urban areas are covered with thousands of kilometers of marked trails.

  • The trails are marked by painted symbols on rocks, trees or metal signs.

  • The symbol consists of 3 stripes,

usually white-color-white.

  • The color is not related to level of difficulty, and just differentiates between trails in the same area.

  • The stripes show the direction of the trail, and are straight, veer right, or veer left.

Hiking Maps

All marked trials appear on official topographical hiking maps.

Israel is divided into 20 areas, and each has its own map.


  • These maps contain an enormous amount of information including roads, trails, nature reserve boundries, camping sites, forests, settlements, gas stations, and most important-topography.

  • These waterproof maps can be purchased in camping stores, located in central bus stations and in malls. They cost around $25.

  • Maps can be found also online, just make sure you print them before hiking. (Reception isn't always available)

  • link to Israel Hiking Map

Field Schools

  • List & map of field schools in israel

  • Located near nature areas, field schools are great bases to start hiking. 10 schools, from Mount Hermon to Eilat, are operated by The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

  • The staff has information about nature, weather conditions,safety and hiking trails.

  • In all schools you can fill up water.

  • Most of them have hostels with fair prices.

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