Jerusalem & Judean Hills

3,000 years old, Jerusalem is a city alive and thriving more than ever.

It is holy to the 3 monotheistic religions and the capitol of Israel.

New meets old, and international designer stores are found in old stone-paved malls.

Nestled in the Judean Hills around 800m above sea level, Jerusalem has cool weather and some unique nature spots in and around the city.

Jerusalem Forest

Jerusalem is known for its

holiness and secrets. One of these special secrets is the beauty of Jerusalem Forest.

A few steps from the noisy and intense  city, lies a peaceful & serene forest.

  • When to go: All year, except very rainy or hot days.

  • Getting there: Take the light rail from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, to the Yefe Nof station.

  • Water & wood: No water available, fill up in the city. Plenty of wood on the ground.

  • Free  camping: Click here for map

  • Hiking/ Highlights: A 3 km circular route marked white & blue. Many trees, plants, birds, and views of Judean hills.

The Sataf Ruins

Abandoned in 1948, the Sataf village is a beautiful spot where history meets nature.

The main site is the spring, which feeds the ancient pool, surounded by forest and mountain view.

  • When to go: All year round. Hot summer days and Fridays get crowded.

  • Getting there: 20 minute drive from Jerusalem by car/ taxi.

  • Bus line #183 leaves from near the light rail at the central bus station.

  • Water & wood: Fill up in the main parking by the entrance, or right by the pool. Plenty of wood on the ground around camsites.

  • Free  camping: Don't camp near the ruins/ pool area. Many campsites can be found around the mountain. Map here

  • Hiking/ Highlights: A few marked trials begin in the main parking area.

Hirbat Se'adim

Official campground in the woods, with shade and running water. Great base for hiking in the Judean Hills or just to camp out in a peaceful forest close to Jerusalem.

  • When to go: All year round, especially in the spring.

  • Getting there: Bus line #150 from the Mount Herzl station on the light train. Get off at the last stop in Aminadav. Go west out of Aminadav, past Yad Kennedy Memorial until you reach Hirbat Se'adim campground.

  • By car: write "Yad Kennedy" in your Waze.

  • Water: Faucets on site and at Yad Kennedy.

  • Firewood: Plenty of wood around.

  • Free  camping: Map here

  • Hiking: Marked trails go from here to Soreq River. The Springs Trail is recommended (marked green). Israel National Trail passes close by.

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