Travel responsibly is first of all about planning ahead.

Know exactly where you are going and what to expect there.


Israel is a small country with a large population. Natural and open land areas are small and vulnerable.

Hiking & camping out brings you close to nature. Therefore you should be careful to avoid any harm to the environment.


This website was created with the sincere purpose of helping travellers with useful information about freecamping.

However, things change constantly and

YOU should be aware and responsible. is not responsible for any mistake or harm that could happen to campers or hikers using this website.

Travel in peace and return home in one piece.

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is a international movement which entreats us to leave natural areas exactly same as they were when you arrived. Following these simple rules will help us  to keep natural areas clean and alive.

Click here to learn the "Leave No Trace Seven Principles"

Emergency numbers.

           (MDA- Magen David Adom)

  • Make sure you have the phone number of

       your country's embassy in Israel.

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